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    My name is Chris. This is my blog about Fleet Insurance and getting the best deal you can on Motor Fleet Insurance. I really hope the information contained within is useful and help your save a tonne of cash!

  • Fleet Insurance Policy

    A fleet insurance policy covers more than one van, car, truck and is usually purchased by a business. Many people are confused by their options when it comes to purchasing insurance but we're here to help.

    The most important thing to compare fleet insurance policies against many providers to make sure you are getting the best deal. All too often people get too loyal to their current insurer and slowly but surely the price creeps up year-on-year.


    Another thing to remember when choosing an insurer is to look for one which is an active member of the ABI (association of british insurers).


    I've worked in the insurance industry for a number of years and as such I have seen it all. So many businesses are paying way too much for their insurance and in many cases don't even realise it. I am hoping this blog/site will grow into something useful for those searching for a better deal for their business. If you want to contact me please use the form below.


    Drop me a line and let me see if I can save your business some £££!